Two global depressions led to chaos, as world governments became unable to fund the most basic of needs. People suffered, and crime grew rampant and out of control. An organization known only as the COUNCIL OF NINE (CON) started uniting criminal families such as the TRIADS, JAMAICAN POSSE, LA RAZA ESCOGIDA, and THUGS. This new powerful criminal empire spread quickly across the world.

As time passed, the governments slowly regained their footing and sought to dismantle the powerful criminal element. The governments united and created the Anti Crime Unit (ACU) to track down and remove all elements associated with the COUNCIL OF NINE. The ACU was tasked to eliminate this global menace through all means possible.

Local law enforcement agencies collaborated with private security groups to form global protection units known as the United Security Unions (USU) which provide traditional police services -- for a small fee. Their funds come directly from the people they serve and allow them the means to operate. They fight against the CON but on a different level, as they'll typically take on the foot soldiers and generals of individual gangs.

There are other groups. These groups are a loose band of gangs and citizens who refuse to bow to the CON or stand by while their civil liberties are abused. They are known as FREELANCERS.

This war has been fought for 10 years and the CON continue to grow in strength while the fortitude and morality of the ACU are questioned. The hard tactics and widespread invasion of privacy have led many to question as to the lesser of two evils -- the criminals or those who hunt them.

In every dark period there are heroes and villains. This is no different. Each fight tirelessly in their personal crusade to achieve their goals.

There is a dark secret of which few are aware, and once it is revealed no one will escape its grasp...
The ACU (Anti Crime Unit)
The ANTI CRIME UNIT (ACU) is an international law enforcement agency created with the single purpose of bringing down the Council of Nine by any means necessary!

Privacy and Civil liberties come second to this primary objective.

Sean Justice is the leader of the US Division of the ACU and he fights a private personal crusade to bring down the CON.

He is a man haunted by the loss of his family, and heavily burdened by the weight of his father's legendary image. He walks under that shadow and is constantly compared to him.

He is after Nightshade and has come close several times to capturing him.

The USU (United Security Unions)
UNITED SECURITY UNIONS: When the governments went broke, a lot of officers were out of jobs. Many of them continued to "protect and serve". These few brave men and women kept fighting the good fight.

They combined resources with local security groups and the infrastructure of the United Security Unions was born. They protected neighborhoods and got paid by the citizens directly.

The governments restructured the law enforcement agencies and worked with the USU to make a smooth transition. The USU covers 90% of the crimes in the nation, and whenever the Council is involved it falls under the jurisdiction of the ACU.

Isabella Knight is the leader of the USU and she is highly respected. Her tactics are polar opposites to that of the ACU who she doesn't trust. It is an uneasy relationship

The Freelancers
THE FREELANCERS: Benjamin Jones is a charismatic and unusual man. He was a member of the ACU and was the leading profiler. He worked side-by-side with Sean Justice. He was tasked with profiling and learning everything possible about Nightshade. He actually caught Nightshade on his own, but something happened between the two men and he let Nightshade go. Justice was infuriated and demoted Jones to training detail. A month went by and he became 'different'. His fiance couldn't handle the changes and she quite the ACU. The next day he lost it and killed everyone in the training facility except Agent Sias who survived.

Jones referred to himself as Psycho, and formed a group known as the Freelancers who won't bow to the Council or answer to the ACU. The Freelancers have continued to grow in numbers...

The CON (Council of Nine)
THE COUNCIL OF NINE: Not much is known about the Council of Nine other then they are responsible for uniting a majority of the known criminal groups into a highly efficient organization.

The Council of Nine reads like a who's who of criminal families. With groups like the Jamaican Posse, La Raza Escogida, the Pimps, the Thugs, the Triad as well as many others that claim loyalty to the Council of Nine, it is no question why the governments of the world have come together to create the Anti Crime Unit.

The only known link to high level members of the Council of Nine is a man who is only known by the name Nightshade.

There are rumors that Nightshade is responsible for the death of Sean Justice's wife and his two young daughters.

The Jamaican Posse
THE JAMAICAN POSSE: The Jamaicans are known around the world as stone cold killers who would walk into a room full of cops just to shoot the mark to make a point.

King Stone is the leader of the Jamaican Posse. Unlike the other groups allied with the Council of Nine, King Stone demanded to be added to the alliance. Rumor has it, that his sons Dreadman Walkin' and Rasta Fear Him as well as King Stone entered a well known Council night club and killed 30 heavily armed elite CON men to submit their request in person.

While not the largest group in the Council of Nine's organization, they are one of the deadliest.

The Jamaicans are fearless and have left their mark on both the ACU and the USU, as well as made enemies with the Freelancers.

La Raza Escogida
LA RAZA ESCOGIDA: The MATRIARCH is an amazingly strong and influential woman. She has managed to unite several different cartels, as well as many Latino gang organizations. With so many warring factions under her, many wonder how she has been able to maintain control.

Faith and religion. LA RAZA ESCOGIDA (the Chosen People) is loosely kept together by her sheer conviction and "visions", as rumors abound over her keen insight into many of her enemies plans. There have been seven attempts on her life, and each time, she comes out without any life threatening injuries, which strengthens her hold.

This mixed with her seemingly end- less energy and attention to all details allows her to keep tabs on LA RAZA.

The Council of Nine helps her keep the balance as well.

The Triad
THE TRIAD: The TRIAD is allied with the Council of Nine, and the leader of the TRIAD, Shimong Kong is the main reason for it. He is a genius and very ambitious. He has invented and sold many cutting edge wepaons which has changed the urban landscape. His inventions are highly in demand and of primary interest to the Council of Nine.

Shimong Kong doesn't trust the Council of Nine, but their seemingly endless resources insures that his inventions, no matter how exotic, come to see the light of day.

His daughter Lian Li Kong has ambitions of her own. She wants a more powerful role in the TRIAD which he is against. He has her guarded at all times.

Shimong has never met Nightshade face to face, but they are in contant communication.

There are other members of the TRIAD who plot for Shimong's position, but mysteriously each time an opposing member arises, he soon is missing. The Council makes sure that nothing happens to Shimong Kong.

The Pimps
THE PIMPS: Things were hard for everyone, and for Shorty things were unbearable. He took the world's oldest profession and changed it up, focusing on gathing information, which he found was power as well as money.

Recruiting only the most beautiful and deadly women around. Shorty's Girls had collected intel on judges, lawyers, political leaders, as well as other crime families. With the information he had collected he became for the most part untouchable. This helped gain the attention of the Council of Nine.

Shorty's girls are the best of the best. They know at least ten ways to get the information needed. Some pleasant and some not.

Everyone knows, you do not attempt to rough up any of the girls, or you'll get introduced to Mistress Pain.

The Thugs
THE THUGS: The THUGS are ran by CEREBUS, who single-handedly united over 70% of the street gangs in the US. He has over 320,000 members nationwide.

He has implimented a strict militant structure and demands absolute loyalty. Once you are in the THUGS, you're in for life. There is only one way out, and that's death.

Nightshade was very impressed with the success that Cerebus has had and financed the growth of the THUGS.

The old ways of battling over colors and neighborhoods has ended, now the only color THUGS care about is green.

Cerebus is one of the few criminal masterminds that deals directly with Nightshade face to face. He is the keepers of many Council secrets.

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